What Matters Most...

Champion Education

To improve the quality of our education system, I will address the issues faced by families in public schools, and the teachers working in them. I am passionate about equal opportunity to pursue and succeed in college and will work to develop a more comprehensive government plan to support our students.

Medicare for all

All Americans deserve high quality, affordable healthcare. I will fight for Medicare for all — no more co-pays, no discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, nor unaffordable minimums. By ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones, I will work to secure a higher quality of life for all Floridians.

Drive the Economy

We will work to create new jobs, commit to new industry development and support businesses looking to innovate and grow. These efforts will raise our rank as one of the top states in the country for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, encouraging the resulting vibrancy of communities and building the necessary infrastructure to support it all. The increased employment and higher wages will benefit us as a whole, and lead to long term investment in our future.

Minimize Poverty

The issues facing the most vulnerable of our citizens must be addressed in an innovative and sustainable manner — from unemployment to homelessness. By empowering community leaders to develop or grow initiatives that target poverty and its associated concerns, we’ll minimize the damaging effects that impact the lives of our citizens.

Advance Women’s Rights

In fighting for women’s rights I will support eliminating inequality in the workplace through equal pay initiatives and more involved incubator programs for female entrepreneurs. I am a strong believer in a woman’s right to decide on her healthcare with her medical provider and I will advocate for all women who feel their voices are being silenced.

Protect Senior Citizens

By concentrating on the needs of senior citizens we must dedicate resources and attention to ensuring they are able to maintain a happy and healthy life. I will advocate for seniors in policy creation that centers around more thorough healthcare initiatives, secured pensions and the necessary support systems that must be in place so that they can thrive.

Support the LGBTQ+ Community

Every American has the right to love and marry whoever they want, and I am a firm believer in upholding the Constitution to protect all citizens. I will stand in front of any legislation that threatens the fundamental rights of our community members — from Miami to Orlando to Pensacola.

Fight Climate Change

The impact that climate change is having and will continue to have on Florida’s residents — both human and wildlife — means our voices are some of the most valuable in the conversation around battling this issue. By pursuing an aggressive ecological mission I plan to fight the causes of global warming and secure a safe future for us all.

Innovate Immigration Policy

A welcoming but rigorous immigration policy benefits not only our communities but our economies. It is compassionate to bring together families that have been separated by distance and strife, and also wise to expand the pool of knowledgeable professionals able to contribute valuable expertise to our local communities. A smart immigration policy should benefit everyone involved in our social and economic systems, from new neighbors to new employers. Dreamers have the right to be here, to contribute and to thrive.

Reconstruct the Criminal Justice System

Tax payers are making too large a contribution to the prison system; I firmly believe that by deploying reforms that decrease this spending — while also ensuring public safety — are key to changing the American prison system. Through the activation and support of better resources ( i.e. mental health treatment, job training) we can work together to decrease the rates of recidivism that harm not only those in the prison system, but their neighbors and families as well.

Reform Gun Regulation

By addressing gun regulation as a community issue rather than an individual one, I plan to push legislation that supports strengthened background checks, ensuring the safety of non-gun owners and gun-owners alike.

Defend Veteran Benefits

I will work to build upon the current veteran benefit plans, using them as scaffolding to create more opportunities for our veterans when they return home. As an Air Force veteran myself, I understand the need for veterans and their families to be given more support as they move into the next chapter of their life. By upholding the respect we have for our neighbors and friends who serve this country, I will safeguard the benefits they currently have in the same way they protect us.

Prioritize National Security

From cyberterrorism to military and defense policies, I will examine and support legislation that will strongly align us with our allies and strengthen us against our rivals. I will work to uphold our American values and protect the privacy and security of our citizens to secure a safer future for us all.